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What industries can benefit from tire recycling?

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What industries can benefit from tire recycling?

Messagepar allenlu » 28 Juil 2021 05:31

Tires can be recycled to recover/produce 4 things:

Rubber crumbs
Carbon Black

What happens to old tyres in Australia?
Depending on the process that once chooses, you may be able to get any 2 or 3 of these 4 outputs. Considering that, the industries that can benefit from recycling are those that can use these materials in their production process. So an indicative list would be like this -

Rubber Crumbs : Used in making turfs, making of new rubber for many purposes. Can also be used in road building to reinforce the asphalt. So companies into the manufacture of all types of turfs, or rubber products that can be made from recycled rubber, and road building companies can benefit from this.
Steel : This recovered steel can be used by the steel industry as a raw material to produce new steel. This steel is then used in any other industry that uses steel in its operations. So the Steel industry can be benefited by this. Steel recovered from tyres is far cheaper to process and reconvert into fresh steel as compared to the standard process of using iron ore as the base material.
Carbon black : Is used in making pigments and dyes. Also has certain pharmaceutical use. So these kinds of companies can get carbon black cheaper.
Oil : The oil obtained through pyrolysis or thermo catalytic conversion can used as an alternate fuel for oil fired furnaces, engines, boilers etc. So any company using industry grade oil can use this pyrolysis oil as a cheaper alternative fuel.
And finally, more players entering, it helps in mainstreaming the tyre recycling industry itself and giving it a formal recognition.
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